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SPEEDNIK-250 – Ticket #3612: Article Sources Box Issue

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Bounty Hunters No_Prep Grudge Nationals LIVE From San Antonio

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Racing Alloys: Metallurgy You Need To Go Fast

An understanding of basic metallurgy will help homebrew fabricators and race car builders make the best decisions. Take a look at some of the key alloys.Read More


VP Racing Teams With M-Sport For R5 FiA Rally Fuel

VP Racing Fuels has developed a new fuel specifically formulated for FiA rally cars in conjunction with M-Sport and their R5 Fiesta. Read More


Proform Introduces Black Series Carburetors

New from Proform – Black Series Carburetors. These units come with a Black Diamond PTFE coating that combats vapor lock, and use top-tier materials for the metering blocks, baseplates, fuel bowls, and main bodies.Read More


Video: Choosing The Right Holley EFI System For Street Or Strip

Whether you're looking to convert to EFI for the street, or for the track, there's a Holley EFI system that can support both street and race engines. The deciding factor, is how much tuning you want to do.Read More


Pulsejet Engines Gone Wild! With Robert Maddox

Pulsejet engines have limited usage today but Bob Maddox has the technology cornered for creative thrust-powered vehicles. We have a look at his engines. Read More


No Replacement For Displacement: The 10 Largest GM Engines Ever Made

GM has produced some big engines, going all the way back to the early 1900s. But the behemoth of them all, the 572 crate engine, is still available today and trumps them all in power and torque.Read More


Tech: Inside ERL Superdeck Sleeve System For Factory LS, LT Blocks

ERL's Superdeck Sleeve System beefs-up factory LS and LT blocks to support more than 2,000 horsepower. We get the inside scoop on how the patented system works, the installation process, and its advantages.Read More

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Nissan Gives GT-R More Power; Showcases ‘Takumi’ Skills

The 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 in the 2017 Nissan GT-R will get a 20-horsepower bump, thanks in part to individual cylinder timing and more boost. Details inside!Read More


Performance Distributors Just Made The HEI Even Better

If you are looking for the ultimate HEI distributor for your ride, then you need to check out Performance Distributor's new Deluxe Street/Strip unit. Ease of installation and improved performance are in store.Read More


Inside Secrets: SAM Tech’s 825 hp Stock Eliminator LS7

SAM Tech eliminates the competition by wringing 825 hp and 8,300 rpm from a hydraulic roller LS7 with a factory Chevy block and heads. Inside are the details.Read More

Muck Daddy Wipes

Muck Daddy Releases Scrubbing Wipes To Remove Oil, Grime And Grease

Muck Daddy has released scrubbing wipes that feature a dual-textured wipe that feature a scrubby side and a smooth side. Perfect for removing oil, grease and grime from hands, but also great for cleaning surfaces.Read More


Video: Rotary Rebuild Walkthrough

Though the rotary engine isn't known as a reliable powerplant, this walkthrough shows that with clever machining, it can be robust, resilient and beautiful. Read More


Video: The Secret to Mercedes’ F1 Dominance

By changing the location of the turbo, the Mercedes W05 F1 benefited from lower engine temperatures and several related performance gains that made it a star.Read More


Project Tiger’s Eye: A Freshly-Built 383 Cubic-Inch Stroker

Project Tiger's Eye sees progress as we get to assemble our budget-friendly 383 cubic-inch Chevy small-block. A build you can duplicate, this engine is at home in any classic cruiser.Read More


Tech: Choosing The Right Crankshaft With Scat

Scat has been developing crankshafts for more than 50 years. With years of industry experience, Tom Lieb discusses crankshafts and their qualities to help readers make an informed decision on their next build.Read More